CPI-818-001 is a first-in-human study for patients with relapsed or refractory
T-Cell Lymphoma

Principal Investigator of this study, and Clinical Haematology Consultant, Dr Dejan Radeski (below), provides us with an overview of this exciting trial:

“T-cells are very important members of the immune system and their three main roles are to help other parts of the immune system to do their job, to directly kill infections/cancers in the body and also to regulate the immune system so as to not attack itself. Sadly, T-cells can be develop cancer themselves and they can be difficult to treat. CPI-818 is a new tablet treatment which targets the internal machinery of the cancerous T-cell. In Western Australia the first patients in the world are being treated with this medicine and people who are eligible for this clinical trial are those with T-cell lymphoma which has persisted or come back after two different combinations of chemotherapy”.


For further information on this study, and for contact details for the Trial Coordinators at LINEAR,  please visit our website: https://www.bloodcancerwa.org.au/trial/cpi-818-001/