Clinical Research Fellowship Program

Dinner of Hope 2023. Left to right: Dr. Katharine Lewis, Dr. Paulina Hillebrand, Gemma White, Dr. Elizabeth Smyth, Dr. Ross Salvaris, Dr. Joleen Choy, Helena Furdas

Past Fellows

Dr. Katharine Lewis

Term: 2019 – 2023

Dr. Ross Salvaris

Term: 2022 – 2024

đź“ş WATCH: Dr. Ross Salvaris (4 Minutes, 40 Seconds)

Dr. Ross Salvaris, our departing haematology clinical research fellow, shares insights into his impactful journey with Blood Cancer Research Western Australia. Highlights include his significant contribution to a national guideline for Marginal Zone Lymphoma, enhancing collaboration in the field. Ross emphasised the pivotal role of collaboration through the Australian Lymphoma Alliance and the Australian Lymphoma Leukemia Group in fostering opportunities for research and analysis.

Ross expressed gratitude to colleagues, leaders, and the organisation for the valuable fellowship experience, paving the way for his successful career progression. As he bids us farewell, Dr. Salvaris returns to Melbourne, where he has secured a consultant position at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Dr. Paulina Hillebrand

Term: 2023 – 2024

đź“ş WATCH: Dr. Paulina Hillebrand (3 Minutes, 52 Seconds)

In her departure interview, Dr. Paulina Hillebrand, another haematology clinical research fellow, reflected on the profound moments that defined her time with us. Notably, the smiles on patients’ faces during response assessments left an indelible mark, reinforcing the impact clinical trials have on patient outcomes.

Paulina highlighted the guidance and inspiration drawn from mentors while dealing with clinical challenges and shaping her professional and personal life. Her parting advice to future fellows: “Go for it, it’s an amazing experience, and you will be supported.”

The chance that I was given to take part in all of these amazing clinical trials will help me think outside the box and always hope and say that there is something else that I can do for my patients.

Dr. Elizabeth Smyth

Term: 2021 – 2023

Dr. Elizabeth Smyth joined the ranks of Blood Cancer Research WA in August 2021. Over her 18 months tenure, Dr. Smyth made significant contributions by relieving the workload of Dr. Katharine Lewis, who was our sole fellow at that time. This workload distribution alleviated both Professor Cheah and Dr. Lewis, allowing them to focus on their respective responsibilities while concurrently leading patient enrolment initiatives and the introduction of innovative clinical trials in Western Australia. Dr. Smyth played an instrumental role in this endeavour, contributing to the enrolment of over 100 participants and coordination of more than 30 clinical trials across both Linear Clinical Research and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.