Patient Story: Adam Carty

Adam’s Story

I am an average 48-year-old Dad of two and partner to Mel. I work in Earthmoving and have done my whole life. We live a great life in WA’s southwest.

Having suffered with an auto immune disease for over 10 years, it was in a routine checkup that led to a referral to see Prof. Chan Cheah. We met with Chan on October 14th 2020 (a date we’ll never forget). Being diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma came as a complete shock. It left us reeling. Chan was very thorough in his explanation, patiently going through everything we needed to know and the plan of attack moving forward.

We were extremely shocked and frightened, not knowing what our future was going to look like.

The Clinical Trial Option

Chan discussed a trial, Leverage, that uses a blend of immunotherapy and targeted therapy as an option. We thought we may miss out due to the slow growing nature of Follicular Lymphoma that most people experience.

In my case, my cancer was more aggressive meaning we were lucky enough to be offered the last remaining placement for the trial.  We jumped at the opportunity as my partner and I had heard of positive outcomes with immunotherapy.

There were slight hesitancies in doing the trial and not going down the traditional route of chemo, but Chan explained everything so well and we felt confident in his abilities.

The first stage of treatment went for 6 months. In the first few weeks, the side effects were quite mild. As time went on and the drugs took hold, the side effects became more intense. Although I kept my hair which was great. On top of daily daily tablets at home, we would drive to Perth once a month for the IV treatment. The leverage staff and nurses are amazing. My last treatment for that was December 2021. Starting January 2022, we now go to Perth every 8 weeks for IV Immunotherapy, continuing for the next few years to come.

“The Best Christmas Present EVER”

In December 2021, Chan gave me the all clear. It was the best Christmas present EVER. Seeing the before and after scans of my body was a total shock. I was riddled with cancer and now, 6 months later it was all gone thanks to Chan and the trial. To be given such news left us speechless.

Hands down, I would definitely recommend other patients with blood cancer to participate in clinical trial.

I was so riddled and swollen with cancer, I had trouble putting my seat belt on.

It was an effort to bend over and put my shoes on. You could grab the cancer filled lymph nodes in my neck. I was dragging myself through daily life and now thanks to Chan’s trial it has all gone and I am back to living a normal healthy life, actually healthier now than I have ever been.

Saving Lives Through Their Generosity

There are not enough words to show our gratitude and appreciation to the amazing donors who give so generously to trials.  They are literally saving lives through their generosity.  I am living proof of that.

They have allowed me to look to the future and focus on my young family.

Life is great. Thank you so much.

Before Leverage Trial Treatment

After Leverage Trial Treatment

Before & After Treatment