COO and MYC/BCL2 status do not predict outcome among patients with stage I/II DLBCL: a retrospective multicenter study

Allison Barraclough, Musa Alzahrani, Marianne Schmidt Ettrup, Mark Bishton, Chris van Vliet, Pedro Farinha, Clare Gould, Simone Birch, Laurie H. Sehn, Vishakha Sovani, Mitchell Steven Ward, Bradley Augustson, Jorne Biccler, Joseph M. Connors, David W. Scott, Maher K. Gandhi, Kerry J. Savage, Tarec El-Galaly, Diego Villa and Chan Yoon Cheah

Blood Advances


211 patients were identified for this retrospective study across Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Hollywood Private Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital, British Columbia Centre for Lymphoid Cancer, Aalborg University Hospital, and Nottingham University Hospital.

Key points of note:

– In early-stage DLBCL, COO and DE/DH [gene expression] status may not confer an inferior prognosis.
– Stage I/II DLBCL has an excellent outcome when treated with R-CHOP–like therapy ± radiation, with 4-year Progression Free Survival and Overall Survival rates of 85% and 88%.

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