WATCH: Insights from Departing Clinical Research Fellows

Dr. Paulina Hillebrand

Left to Right: Rue Munasinghe, Dr. Paulina Hillebrand

As Dr. Paulina Hillebrand’s fellowship comes to an end, our haematology clinical research fellow, reflected on the profound moments that defined her time with us. Notably, the smiles on patients’ faces during response assessments left an indelible mark, reinforcing the impact clinical trials have on patient outcomes.

Paulina highlighted the guidance and inspiration drawn from mentors while dealing with clinical challenges and shaping her professional and personal life. Her parting advice to future fellows: “Go for it, it’s an amazing experience, and you will be supported.”

The chance that I was given to take part in all of these amazing clinical trials will help me think outside the box and always hope and say that there is something else that I can do for my patients.

­čô║ WATCH: Dr. Paulina Hillebrand (3 Minutes, 52 Seconds)

Dr. Ross Salvaris

Left to Right: Dr. Katharine Lewis, Dr. Ross Salvaris, Dr. Elizabeth Lewis

As Dr. Ross Salvaris’ two-year fellowship concludes,┬á we sat down with our departing haematology clinical research fellow as he shares insights into his impactful journey with Blood Cancer Research Western Australia. Highlights include his significant contribution to a national guideline for Marginal Zone Lymphoma, enhancing collaboration in the field. Ross emphasised the pivotal role of collaboration through the Australian Lymphoma Alliance and the Australian Lymphoma Leukemia Group┬áin fostering opportunities for research and analysis.

Ross expressed gratitude to colleagues, leaders, and the organisation for the valuable fellowship experience, paving the way for his successful career progression. As he bids us farewell, Dr. Salvaris returns to Melbourne, where he has secured a consultant position at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Contributing to a national guideline for Marginal Zone Lymphoma was a great way to network with people all around Australia and to contribute to a paper that will hopefully be really informative for haematologists.

­čô║ WATCH: Dr. Ross Salvaris (4 Minutes, 40 Seconds)

As we bid a fond farewell to Dr. Ross Salvaris and Paulina Hillebrand, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their invaluable contributions to Blood Cancer Research WA.

Thank you Dr. Salvaris & Dr. Hillebrand for being an integral part of our organisation. We wish you both continued success in all future endeavours.

We would also like to extend our thanks to our donors and supporters who make these fellowships possible and further our mission to provide blood cancer patients in WA access to potentially life-saving clinical trials.

If you are interested in applying for our Clinical Research Fellowship Position, please contact for more information.