Yesterday we celebrated International Clinical Trials Day

Haematology Clinical trials offer blood cancer patients access to the latest and potentially life-saving treatments, that are not available as standard therapy.

It was Associate Professor Chan Cheah’s dream to offer more trials in Western Australia and to give WA patients HOPE. With Chan’s determination, the dedication of the Blood Cancer Research Team and Steering Committee, the generous donations, our supporters, and the extremely hard-work off all staff working across the Sites we collaborate with (SCGH, LINEAR and HPH).. this dream is becoming a reality and we dedicated yesterday to them by saying THANK YOU!

Today, there are 21 openly recruiting haematology clinical trials. As a comparison, there were only 9 trials open to recruitment the month before BCRWA launched in September 2018. More trials will be opening this year so please keep up-to-date with our website and follow us on Instagram & Facebook for the latest updates.


We continue to needs funds to ensure BCRWA can continue to run and provide HOPE for blood cancer patients in WA. Please donate to “WA Blood Cancer Research” if you can via our wonderful supporter Snowdome, who drive to make blood cancer research a possibility in Australia:
*All donations are tax deductible and 100% of the donation is received by BCRWA