The Snowdome Foundation works with world-leading Australian blood cancer researchers to identify and prioritise key opportunities to ‘enable’ clinical trials to commence. The Snowdome Foundation are a supporter of Blood Cancer Research WA’s work and vision to help patients suffering with blood cancer.

The meaning behind the name…

 “Chloe Rutherford was one of those who didn’t make it.  Diagnosed with leukaemia in 2007, Chloe seemingly beat the disease only to relapse and die of complications arising from pneumonia in 2009. She is survived by her loving Mother, beautiful sister and her adoring Dad, who is a big part of Snowdome.

The Foundation’s unusual name emerged from a case of mistaken identity rather than a flash of inspiration, but it’s entirely fitting.

On the first of many visits to the Royal Children’s Hospital, Chloe thought she saw a gift shop, with snowdomes from all over the world adorning its glass walls.

In fact, it was the nurses’ station in the middle of the surgery, but to Chloe it was beautiful and magical, and like all things beautiful, she just had to have a snowdome of her own. Of course, she got what she wished. And as she bravely battled her cancer, more and more snowdomes appeared; gifts from family, from friends both old and new and from the nurses who cared for her”.

To read about the wonderful work the Snowdome Foundation do and to see how you can help, please visit:

“The Snowdome Foundation is dedicated to all who’ve suffered blood cancers, those who’ve survived, those living with and those who have lost the cruellest of battles”.