How I manage mantle cell lymphoma: indolent versus aggressive disease

British Journal of Haematology

Feb 2023


Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) is a mature B-cell lymphoma with a variable clinical course and historically poor prognosis. Management is challenging in part due to the heterogeneity of the disease course, with indolent and aggressive subtypes now well recognised. Indolent MCL is often characterised by a leukaemic presentation, SOX11 negativity and low proliferation index (Ki-67). Aggressive MCL is characterised by rapid onset widespread lymphadenopathy, extra-nodal involvement, blastoid or pleomorphic histology and high Ki-67. Tumour protein p53 (TP53) aberrations in aggressive MCL are recognised with clear negative impact on survival. Until recently, trials have not addressed these specific subtypes separately. With the increasing availability of targeted novel agents and cellular therapies, the treatment landscape is constantly evolving. In this review, we describe the clinical presentation, biological factors, and specific management considerations of both indolent and aggressive MCL and discuss current and potential future evidence which may help move to a more personalised approach.

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