GOlDiLOX: A World-First Combination

GOlDiLOX, an investigator-initiated clinical trial

Prof. Cheah and a clinical trial patient

“This is the study everyone in the world would like to be doing, and we have delivered it to Australian patients first. We’re incredibly excited to have this investigator-initiated trial open in Perth and Melbourne, with many other sites around Australia to follow. Studies like this demonstrate that Australia is at the forefront of lymphoma research globally and give patients unprecedented access to potentially lifesaving therapies,”

– Professor Chan Cheah

In a significant stride toward combating Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL), a partnership between Professor Chan Cheah and Professor Michael Dickinson at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne has pioneered this highly anticipated clinical trial, GOlDiLOX. This investigator-initiated trial merges two of the most active drugs for MCL treatments: Pirtobrutinib, an oral tablet, and Glofitamab, a monoclonal antibody. While these two types of treatments are not commercially available in Australia, they have been shown to be extremely effective in mantle cell lymphoma patients resistant to current approved therapies.

GOlDiLOX offers far more than just a research study; it extends a lifeline to 36 patients nationwide, providing an unparalleled opportunity to combat MCL years before these treatments would typically become available. For some patients, time is of the essence, and waiting years for treatment is not an option.

Through initiatives like GOlDiLOX, Australia remains at the forefront of global lymphoma research. This dedication to innovative trials not only advances medical science but also nurtures hope in patients grappling with the challenges of MCL. This is research brought to life—a beacon of hope lighting the path toward a future where blood cancer is conquerable, and lives are transformed.

For more information and specifics about GOlDiLOX, visit the Trial Page Here

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